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Hello. We're under construction but ....

You're welcome to look around the site. The webmasters, Anderz Coourinher and Mary Macceo, try to make headway with our glorius fun site in spurts once or twice or more per week. Hopefully you like what we have here now!! We can't wait to see some of this stuff!!

Mary Macceo

Hello from Macceo Engineering Co. I am Mary Macceo, CEO and founder of the fun and relaxed industry corp we have. We aim to mine and build all those nice ships you PvPers go out and blow up. We are master ship builders and we build everything except (as of this time) we haven't gotten a t2 industry system yet. However a couple of our mates are working on it. All of our members are doing planetary interaction however and we will succeed at that also in building fuel, structure components, capital ship modules and components and various high tech items.

I like to include everybody, train on ship fits, types and pvp tactics, research my blueprint collection and meet new friends in lowsec or otherwise in New Eden. Please take a moment to look around our site! It's still under construction so if it's busted, I'm sorry, but it'll happen from time to time!

Anderz Coourinher

Hello I am Anderz Coourinher, the spokesman for Macceo Engineering Co. I will on occasion appear, and sometimes in place of Mary, to address things in New Eden and the corporation and diplomacies. I am also a trailblazer to take the brunt of new things in New Eden and then return my findings to my associates to be refined and made profitable.

I like to PvP and blow stuff up. My best skill is missiles. All my ships are OP. I don't know what else to say, I mean, I'm a violent guy and I kill a lot of pirates. Nothing more relaxing than hearing pirate battleships crumple from in my hull. Poor bastards. I will also diligently throw missiles at any suspect or criminal in hisec and any poor standing capsuleers in lowsec or < 0 sec space. Given that it would be strategically viable.

Other than that I've been a family friend to the Macceo family for decades. A little known fact about me: my right arm blew off when transiting from out of a sketchy worm hole. So now I have to use a cybernetic arm. I can't take my shades off because of my having been enlightened and I will be blinded by the light. I must also wear my sunglasses at night.

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